Kyle Harding

Kyle Harding

Kyle Harding is the primary protagonist of the Offset series. He is a young, aloof sticklicker who discovers an underground obeah trade in the Caribbean island of Bimshire after a series of encounters with Shaggy Bears and the Heart Man.  He aims to protects his family from the forces of this trade, after he learns of a massive debt his mother left behind.



Kyle is 6 feet, 4 inches tall, with dark chocolate skin and an athletic build. He has sable eyes, a low-cut hairstyle with waves and is clean shaven. Kyle usually likes to wear a polo shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers or the occasional Converse. He sometimes wears finger gloves which he uses for training. His most iconic trait is the sugarcane he always carries, which is sometimes wrapped in a crocus bag he carries over his shoulder. The habit of carrying the sugarcane has earned him notoriety in Bimshire society as ‘King of de Crop.’


Kyle is an aloof, soft spoken teen who often keeps to himself. However, once he gets comfortable with someone, he can be quite talkative, he even has a bit of a sarcastic wit. This is seen with his relationship with Lianne at school, or after he befriends Collins. Due to his sheltered upbringing, most social environments are alien to him such as clubbing or going to the mall. However, once he gets comfortable to blends in as best as he could (sugarcane aside.) At home, Kyle is an authoritative presence towards his brother Damien. And he deeply respects his elders, like his master, Mr. Beckles and neighbor, Granny. However, in battle, his polite demeanor crumbles and he becomes cold and methodical in his violence. This is due to a “Killer Switch” which has been mentally ingrained into Kyle after years of training under Mr. Beckles. This homicidal persona, Mr. Beckles believes, is necessary to survive the encounters coming ahead in the future. Despite this, Kyle is still haunted by the events of his mother’s passing.

Family: Veronica Harding (Mother), Damien Harding (Brother), Linseed Beckles (Guardian/ Master)

Weapon / Fighting abilities

Kyle Harding fights with a piece of sugarcane about two feet in length. It looks like an ordinary green stalk except it is hard like diamond – able to withstand blows from Collins’s cutlass without a scratch. It may also have magical resistance, as Dorian’s right arm is unable to pass through it during their battle. Kyle practices the lost martial art known as Sticklicking to an optimal degree, able to handle himself in most physical encounters. He has a tactical mind when it comes to combat, calmly analyzing the situation, as well as his options and his opponents before adapting to suit. His “Killer Switch” allows him to make brutal maneuvers without any hesitation, making him a dangerous foe.