Damian Collins

Damian Collins

Damian Collins is the deuteroganist of the Offset series. He is a charismatic pretty boy who balances adolescent life with a secret practice of sword fighting. After a car accident claimed the life of his parents at a young age, Collins suspected his heritage. These suspicions are further ignited when he meets a mysterious conductor who not only knew of his past but gives Collins the biggest lead to the answers he seeks. Confront The Man who walks with a piece of Sugarcane. Though skeptical at first, Collins meets Kyle Harding later that day, and follows the canewielder on the bloody underground world of the Dark arcs.


Collins is 5 feet 10 inches tall, with caramel skin, hazel eyes and shoulder length dreadlocks.  He has an athletic build, which he dresses in a fitted T-Shirt, three-quartered pants, sandals (Timbaland boots on special occasion) and his signature trident pendant. He hides his cutlass in a leather sheath which he keeps tucked into his pants and under his shirt. He sometimes wears a leather satchel on is waist to keep his blade as well. Collins is regarded in social circles as a “Gallist” or a ladies man due to his looks and charisma.


Collins is the classic laidback island youth, which makes him a star in social situations. His carefree, jovial nature makes him popular among guys and especially women. He also has a wry wit and is quick to crack a joke or make roguish comeback even in dangerous situations. His curiosity often gets the better of him, despite this Collins is very discerning when it comes to malicious people. He often advises Kyle to avoid sketchy situations whenever possible, though he never hesitates to engage his opponents if push comes to shove. In battle, Collins is analytical, along with an uncanny ability to visualize and emulate the actions of the Enemy Unseen- a form of shadow fighting based on past opponents. It is this juxtaposition of social charisma and clandestine violence that defines the life the young Rasta leads.

Weapon/ Fighting abilities

Collins fights with his namesake, in Bimshire machetes or cutlasses are often referred to as a “collins”, which he keeps hidden beneath his clothes. He practices a rare martial art called Canecutter Sword Style, but, as he was not formally trained, he combines it with some original moves of his own. He also is quite nimble with an emphasis on footwork and movement. However, he does not have the agility of other characters like Sniper or the Shaggy Bear.