Sniper is the tritagonist of the Offset series. He is a short-tempered vagabond who wanders around Bimshire, while avoiding his affiliation with the Pel-Ting Family of the East: a mercenary unit which specializes in assassination, reconnaissance and other odd jobs in the obeah trade. He aims to live a solitary life without any involvement with the trade or the Pel-Tings.




Sniper is five feet, seven inches tall with dark chocolate skin, cornrows and a muscular/ burly physique. His face is often hardened into a scowl or pout which is often hidden behind a black scarf with half a skull plastered at the front. He dons this especially when he is serious about fighting an opponent. Sniper wears a wifebeater vest, a pair of baggy jeans/ joggers and some hiking boots, but he has been known to dress up on occasion with urban Caribbean fashion. His most defining feature is the case of bottles on his back. A mark of the Pel-Ting family, the bottle case stores their most prominent weapon of choice- Bomber Bottles. The bottle case is one of Sniper’s prized possessions and he refuses to part with it, which often lands in trouble as everyone identifies the Pel-Tings by the bottle cases on their backs.


Sniper is aggressive and temperamental, often quick to confront anyone who approaches him the wrong way. This is a result of his upbringing as a Pel-Ting, where he was exposed to all manners of conflict. This brash demeanor hides a cautious and analytical mind, which surfaces during battle. As he is versed in lesser magical warfare, he is comfortable and cocky when facing most opponents, however he becomes deadly serious if he believes that his life is in danger. Sniper is also loyal to his comrades, even if he seems unfriendly towards them. This is often seen when he interacts with Kyle and Collins.

Weapon/ Fighting abilities

Sniper practices Pel-Ting style snipery and marksmanship, which allows him to throw projectiles at great distances with accuracy and speed. He also combines this with acrobatics and parkour, leading to fighting style that is unique even among the Pel-Tings. To supplement this, Sniper can see from great distances, can calculate angles, velocity and other laws of physics in an instant and he can use any object as a projectile. His preferred weapons are Bomber Bottles but these are expensive articles which he cannot always afford. He also uses his bottle case when in close range, though he suffers when there is little space between him and an opponent.