About Offset

About Offset


In the Caribbean island of Bimshire, there exists an underground obeah trade called the Dark Arcs, where magic is sold in exchange for a fee. Due to the nature of this trade, the Dark Arcs is hidden in every corner of society, from the common witch on the street to the glamorous offices of the corporate world, and with every miracle bestowed there is an equally burdensome debt attached.

Offset follows a young man named Kyle Harding who stumbles unto this obeah trade after he encounters a creature called a Shaggy Bear one night. Barely surviving with his life, Kyle is forced down a path where he discovers the history surrounding his family and the massive debt they owe to the Dark Arcs. Along the way, Kyle will face serial killers, dancing wraiths, genies in the form of wooden dolls and many other threats, who are all intent on destroying the Hardings to clear debts of their own.

Armed with only a lowly sugarcane his mother left behind, Kyle must protect his home or face certain oblivion of his mind, body and soul.

Offset is an urban fantasy fused with elements of crime drama and martial arts action films. However Offset combines and warps them with Caribbean culture and folklore in a unique entertaining tale.


My name is Delvin Howell; the creator of the Offset series and the lead illustrator is Tristan Roach. Both of us are part of a Barbadian comic-book publisher called Beyond Publishing Caribbean and Offset is one of our main titles. 

We’ll be creating a steady stream of varied Offset content, merchandise and other cool stuff. We also plan to have some guest artists on board to create special illustrations from the Offset series – along with processes and/or tutorials as well.

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